Henry Holden as "The Clown"         

Some of you may not recognize this guy, but put a red nose and a polka dot costume on him and he's "Henry the Clown" from the Season 3 (1986) Kids Incorporated episode titled "Stacy and the Clown". 

Here at the site, we are always looking for new sections to be added and keeping the spirit of Kids Inc. alive. I've received a lot of e-mail's regarding a specific episode from 1986 called 'Stacy and the Clown'. This was one of several important episodes in the Kids Inc. library because of its ability to portray a disabled person (the Clown) in a positive way and was one of the first shows to do just that.  (There is a part of how I can relate to this issue. Scroll all the way down if you want to just read Henry's bit.)

Today launches a section dedicated to Henry Holden, who is a real life clown, but also someone who is disabled. The e-mails I have received have been requesting this episode for the reason that it touched many people. We decided to open this section up on behalf of Henry as we received many e-mails stating how many people had physical and mental barriers to overcome growing up.  I have had e-mails from people that are autistic, disabled, and mentally retarded just to name a few.  Some even have debilitating diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS.  some thought they wouldn't live past a certain age. Once many of these people saw this episode back in its initial run, it gave them hope for a cure and/or surgical advances to remedy their illness. Most were healed years later due to the advancement in medicine.

Stacy and the Clown triggered a series of influential episodes that portrayed handicaps in a positive way, as well as taking on topics such as death, child abuse, and substance abuse.

You can watch the episode by going to the KI-TV link on the right-hand side of the menu bar and then by clicking "KI-TV Archive" scroll down until you find "Stacy and the Clown".

I hope you will enjoy this episode and section that is coming up as it marked a start of positive role models for people with disabilities.

ctor, Comedian, Athlete, Activist

  Henry Holden is a 'general' in the battle against the exclusion and negative typecasting of persons with disabilities in the media and entertainment industries.  

As the founder of Performers with Disabilities for the Screen Actors Guild, he was bestowed with the honor of receiving the Joseph P. Riley Award for his unwavering commitment to work toward the inclusion of persons with disabilities in media.  He is also the very first recipient of the American Scene Award for his work in a music video.  Henry produced an award winning documentary called "Look Whose Laughing", a comedy showcase which featured comedians with disabilities, including his own show "God Walks On Crutches".

Henry has walked up countless flights of stairs on his colorful crutches at Universities, Colleges, and State Legislative Buildings to deliver the same powerful message.  To summarize his greatest accomplishment is difficult, because Henry feels he has so far to go.  From an outsider looking in however, his greatest accomplishment is that he has the ABILITY to greatly inspire those of us without disabilities in all facets of life.  Imagine what he does for the spirit of those with disabilities.

You can read more about Henry Holden on his official website at http://www.henryholden.com