Now that I have your attention Ė Here, in as plain English as possible, is everything I could think of regarding the tagboard. If English isnít your first language, copy this text and plug it into to translate it into whatever language you can best understand.


1. No foul language. Swearing, cursing, cussing, whatever you want to call it. This also includes sexually charged slang words.Kids Inc. was a childrenís show, and many people allow their children to view the site.


2. Treat each other with respect. Donít make negative remarks about a posterís Kids Inc. preferences, physical appearance, weight, race, gender, sexual preference, or religious beliefs.This also applies to anyone who starred or guest starred on the show.If you donít want it said to you, donít say it. Anybody personally attacking another poster will be IP banned.

As an additional note, I would also like to add that harassing me isn't going to get you unbanned from my site. In fact, it will have the opposite effect. Also, Aris has no jurisdiction over my website, so he can't and won't "make" me lift the ban, either.


3. Be courteous. Keep rule #2 in mind when you post, and most importantly Ė if you see other people disregarding the rules, JUST LET IT BE!The reason this board is so screwed up is because one person disregards the rules, then another person calls them on it, then ANOTHER person scolds that person for yelling at the first oneÖand itís a mess.There are only two people that can moderate the tagboard, and they are Aris and I.If we are busy filling everyoneís requests, how can we have time to delete inappropriate messages? Allow me to point out that IP addresses are recorded every time you tag the board, so people abusing it will be dealt with no matter what they put in the Name field each time.Whatís an IP address? Lead by example, and just ignore people trying to start long-winded discussions or asking for episodes again and again.


4. No RUMORS of any sort regarding KIDS Incorporated stars.You can not always believe everything you hear, even if you hear it from 3 or 4 different people.Itís incredibly easy to lie on the Internet and pretend to be someone youíre not.Stars that are still in the business usually have official websites and/or fan club newsletters where they make any announcements or post news.Sites such as Wikipedia,, and imdb can be edited by anyone who registers there, and are not 100% legit.Itís also very hurtful to see people saying things about you that may or may not be true. The cast members are people, too.


5. Do not sell episodes.Please do not advertise for selling videos on this site as this is an illegal practice. You do not own the show, therefore you do not own the right to sell it for profit. You can, however, trade episodes as long as no monetary exchange has occurred. Please do it behind the scenes or somewhere else like Ebay, I have been notified by MGM in the past due to them seeing people selling episodes on my old sites and itís a bad reflection of me, even though we donít practice it here.So please do not do that, you will be banned or need moderator approval to have your posts appear from now on.


6. No REQUESTS of videos and MP3ís. The tagboard only holds roughly 40 posts.After that, whenever someone posts a new message, an old message gets erased from the list.Thatís erased as in gone.If you leave a request for a Stacy video and no one gets the chance to read it, then naturally, itís not going to be posted.An email, on the other hand, is permanent.Plus, you can be assured that it goes directly to the right person.You can also post a message in the forum and that will also be permanent.Requests made to the tagboard arenít going to be addressed, and itís not because people are mean, or ďmeenĒ or donít like you and donít want you to have videos.Also see the FAQ for more reasons why all the episodes canít be posted every single day.


7. If you want to start a conversation, please do so in the Forums.Tagboard messages can only be 200 characters long.Letters, numbers, and punctuation marks are all characters.Emoticons (those little smileys) also use up several characters.200 characters is roughly 30 words.In order to have an actual discussion, you would need to post multiple times, and again, this will knock other peopleís posts off the board.You can post much longer messages in the forum, and they will be permanent.Most people donít actually scroll all the way through the tagboard to see whoís posting what.Once you register for the forum, it will notify you of new posts since your last visit, so you wonít miss anything.



I hope this clears up any confusion as to how to use the tagboard.Shoot, itís only 1 page instead of 10Ö