1993 Episode Guide_____



Episode 1:  The Boy Next Door
Anthony is skipping school because he is failing math and Dena is avoiding her old college friend Kathy.

Episode 2: Don't Phone Home
Nicole calls her boyfriend long distance and charges them to her parent's bill.

Episode 3: Secret Admirer
Haylie has a secret admirer.

Episode 4: One Man Band
Ana doesn't go to party with a guy because he's in a wheel chair.

Episode 5:  Writing On The Wall
Charlie's friend Jake is vandalizing the neighborhood.
  • Hip Hop Hurray - Anthony, Charlie
  • Believe - Charlie
  • Clean Up Your World - Everyone
  • Crazy - Everyone
Episode 6: Taking A Stand
Haylie's mom won't let her go to the concert with everyone else.

  • Shake that Body - Everyone
  • What About Your Friends - Haylie
  • In My Life - Haylie
  • You'll Never Have To Walk Alone - Haylie, Nicole, Ana
Episode 7: Face Your Fears
The Kids meet a homeless boy and everyone is afraid of him except for Nicole.

Episode 8: Dating Anxiety  
Charlie gets asked out on a date.

Episode 9: Teamwork
Charlie and Anthony enter the guys in a basketball tournament and not the girls.
  • Rhythm is a Dancer - Everyone
  • His Story - Ana, Nicole, Haylie
  • I Do Believe In You - Ana, Nicole, Haylie
  • Respect - Everyone
Episode 10: Bullied 
A bully won't quit picking on Anthony unless he quits the band.