1992 Episode Guide_____



Episode 1: 
Jared runs for class president in order to meet new people.
  • Can't Stop the Bum Rush - Kenny, Jared
  • Tell Him - Ana, Kenny, Haylie, Nicole
  • I'm So Cool - Jared
  • Who Do You Love - Jared, guest
  • Rock House - Jared, Haylie, Nicole
Episode 2: 
Ana is the student advisor for the school PTA show.
  •  Music For The People - Nicole, Jared, Kenny, Ana
  • You Make Me Crazy - Kenny, Haylie, Jared
  • We Haven't Finished Yet - everyone
  • Vibeology - Kenny, Haylie, Nicole, guest
  • Good For Me - Ana, Haylie, Nicole, guest
Episode 3: Lay Off 
Kids Inc is invited to a birthday party but the party is canceled when the hostess' dad get laid off.
  •  Money Don't Matter Tonight - Nicole, Haylie
  • The Best Things In Life Are Free - Nicole, Kenny, Haylie, Jared
  • Round and Round - Nicole, guest
  • I'll Be There - Nicole, guest
  • This Generation - Haylie, Nicole
Episode 4: We Love Granny 
Jared's grandma (guest star Florence Henderson) comes to visit and treats him like a little kid.
  • Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody - Jared, Kenny
  • I Love Your Smile - Ana, Haylie, Nicole
  • The Glad Song - Jared
  • Good Vibrations - Ana, Jared, guest
  • Everything Changes - Ana, Haylie, Jared, guest
Episode 5: 
Kenny feels like he has to compete with his sister Ellen.
  • Everything Changes - Kenny, Nicole, Jared
  • Pretty Little Angel Eyes - Kenny, Jared
  • Can't Forget You - Kenny, guest
  • Live and Learn - Ana, Haylie, Kenny, guest
  • That's What Love is For - Ana, Kenny, Nicole
Episode 6: Mystery, She Wrote 
Ana has trouble writing a mystery story for English class.
  • This is Kids Inc - Haylie
  • Too Many Fish In the Sea - Ana, Haylie, Nicole
  • Tell Me When - Ana
  • The Mystery of You - Ana, Haylie, Nicole
  • Right Here, Right Now - Kenny, Nicole
Episode 7: The Joke's On Us
Kids Inc wants to attend an upcoming comedy show but it's sold out.
  • Running Back to You - Ana, Haylie, Kenny, Nicole
  • Land of a Thousand Dances - Everyone
  • When You Believe in You - Everyone
  • Hooked On You - Ana, Jared, Kenny
  • Live For Loving You - Ana, Kenny, Nicole
Episode 8: Fashion Forward
Jared comes up with the bright idea to get Haylie to sell the vest she made.
  • I'm On the Fly - Haylie, Jared
  • Baby, Baby - Haylie, Nicole, Ana
  • Promise of a New Day - Haylie, Jared, Ana
  • I Don't Want to be a Fool - Haylie
  • Spirit - Everyone
Episode 9: The Commercial
Flip decides to advertise the P*lace on TV.
  • Motownphilly - Kenny, Haylie
  • I'm the One You Need - Nicole, Haylie, Ana, Jared
  • Masterpiece - Everyone
  • A Magical Place - Ana, Jared, Haylie, Kenny
  • God Made Rock N' Roll - Jared, Ana, Kenny, Haylie
Episode 10: Party Out 
The new beach club is opening and they are having an exclusive party but only Kenny is invited.
  • Let's Party - Kenny
  • Please Mr. Postman - Ana, Haylie, Nicole
  • Tell Me What You Want Me To Do - Keny
  • Temptation - Everyone
  • Dancing Shoes - Everyone
Episode 11: Old Friends 
Haylie's best friend Kasey decides he wants to be more than friends.
  • We Got a Love Thang - Haylie, Kenny, Ana
  • Every Heartbeat - Haylie, Kenny
  • Save the Best for Last - Haylie, guest
  • Under the Spell - Everyone
  • Real, Real, Real - Ana, Kenny, Haylie, Jared
Episode 12: On Your Toes
Jared meets a girl named Christina and wants to impress her.
  • Finally - Haylie, Jared, Ana
  • Teenager in Love - Jared, Ana, Haylie
  • How Do I Deal With These Feelings - Jared
  • What Goes Around - Everyone
  • Change - Haylie
Episode 13: The Boy Of La Mancha
Nicole is part of the town clean up committee but the other members don't take her seriously.
  • Jump - Kenny, Jared
  • Next To You - Nicole, Ana, Kenny, Haylie
  • Miracle - Kenny, Nicole
  • Seal Our Fate - Kenny, Nicole, Haylie
  • Navib's Song - Kenny, Ana, Haylie, Nicole