1988 Episode Guide_____



Episode 1: The Pick-Ups 
Kids Inc goes in search of new members after Renee goes to live in Europe for a year and The Kid gets accepted by a student exchange program.
  • So Emotional - Stacy 
  • Get Outta Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car - Kenny
  • There's No Stopping Me - Kenny 
  • Keep Holding On - Stacy, Ryan, Kenny, Devyn 
  • Who Found Who - Kenny, Devyn, Stacy 
Episode 2: Kid's Court 
Connie and Devyn fight over who wrote a song.
  • Stop In The Name Of Love - Devyn, Stacy 
  • Faith - Ryan 
  • Who Wrote The Song - Stacy, Devyn, Connie 
  • Seasons Change - Devyn, Connie 
  • Same Old Song - Devyn, Connie 
Episode 3: The Kids' New Clothes 
A famous fashion designer tries to change the look of Kids Inc.
  • Out Of The Blue - Stacy 
  • Pink Cadillac - Kenny 
  • One Of A Kind - Devyn 
  • Bad - Kenny
  • Seven Wonders - Kenny, Devyn, Stacy, Ryan 
Episode 4: The Talent Search 
The kids audition for a part in a movie.
  • La Bamba - Stacy 
  • Expressway To My Heart - Kenny 
  • In My Dreams - Everyone 
  • I Can Be What You Want - Everyone 
  • Mony, Mony - Ryan 
Episode 5: You Don't Say 
When Ryan writes a critical review of cafeteria food for the school newspaper he finds himself in trouble with the principal.
  • Here I Go Again - Ryan 
  • Pop Goes The World - Stacy 
  • Got To Be True To Myself - Ryan 
  • Think - Kenny, Ryan 
  • A Little Understanding - Ryan 
Episode 6: Kahuna Kids 
When the air conditioner breaks at The P*lace Kids Inc. go to the beach only to find that unless enough money is raised a waste plant will be built on the beach.
  • Heatwave - Ryan 
  • Fun, Fun, Fun - Kenny, Devyn 
  • Summer Days - Stacy, Devyn, Kenny 
  • Circle In The Sand - Stacy, Connie, Devyn, Kenny 
  • Surfin' U.S.A. - Ryan 
Episode 7: Mr. President 
 Richie doesn't like the attitude of the girl running for class president so he joins the race.
  • Who Will Tou Run To - Stacy 
  • Say You Will - Ryan, Stacy, Devyn 
  • I've Got My Mind Set On You - Richie 
  • Stick To It - Devyn 
  • Stand By Me - Richie 
Episode 8: The Guitarist 
The lead guitarist Brian goes away for a week so Kids Inc. hold an audition to find a replacement.
  • Help - Devyn 
  • I Think We're Alone Now - Stacy 
  • Love Will Save The Day - Everyone 
  • With Or Without You - Ryan 
  • Man In The Mirror - Kenny 
Episode 9: When The Clock Strikes Twelve 
Ryan faces his greatest fear (a guy named Big Eddie) and finds that people aren't always what they seem.
  • Shake Your Love - Devyn 
  • Catch Me I'm Falling - Kenny 
  • I Need Help - Ryan 
  • We Can Work It Out - Ryan 
  • I Saw Him Standing There - Stacy 
Episode 10: The Frog Prince 
Stacy finds out from a frog prince that the way people look on the outside isn't always what they are on the inside.
  • Lost In Emotion - Kenny 
  • How Can I Forget You - Ryan 
  • I Get Weak - Stacy 
  • You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover - guest 
  • Prove Your Love - Stacy 
Episode 11: The Open Book 
Devyn finds a page of a story Stacy wrote for English class and thinks that Stacy is unhappy and wants to run away.
  • Never Gonna Give You Up - Ryan 
  • Paperback Writer - Stacy 
  • Time For A Friend - Devyn 
  • Strange But True - Stacy, Devyn, Kenny 
  • Cherry Bomb - Stacy, Ryan 
Episode 12: Richie In Love 
Richie gets a crush on Riley's college cousin.
  • Tell It To My Heart - Stacy 
  • Heartache - Devyn 
  • Is This Love - Richie 
  • Flames Of Paradise - Stacy, Richie 
  • Someday We'll Be Together - Stacy, Devyn, Connie 
Episode 13: Constellation Connie 
Connie tries to build a time machine and accidentally gets an alien named Durf.
  • Crocodile Rock - Ryan 
  • Music For The Modern World - Kenny 
  • Try The Best You Can - Connie 
  • Another Part Of Me - Stacy, Ryan, Kenny 
  • Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Stacy