1987 Episode Guide_____



Episode 1:  A Kid's Line 
Gloria goes away to music school leaving the kids pondering who to replace her with.
  • Rhyme And Reason - Kid, Ryan 
  • Bit By Bit - Stacy 
  • Wrong For The Part - Renee, Stacy, Kid, Ryan
  • True Blue - Connie
  • I Will Be There - Everyone 
Episode 2: Modern Music 
Rylie builds a talking music synthiser named SAM and with a superior attitude it begins to try and take over the bands music.
  • Music For The Modern World - Stacy 
  • Jump Start (My Heart) - Kid 
  • I Got The Beat - S.A.M. 
  • Shake Down - Everyone 
  • Mind Over Matter - Renee, Connie 
Episode 3: Video Madness 
Richie has to create a video for English class and tries to gets the gangs help with it but the group can't seem to agree on anything.
  • Let's Go - Ryan, Stacy 
  • Time For A Change - Kid 
  • Some Guys - Richie 
  • It's Not Over - Everyone 
  • Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Everyone 
Episode 4: Front Page News 
The postition of School News Paper editor comes open and Renee and Ryan have a boy against girl battle for it.
  • The point of no return - Kid
  • We got the beat - Connie
  • Who, what, when, where, why - Ryan, Renee 
  • I know - Ryan, Renee 
  • Livin' on a prayer - Ryan 
Episode 5: Trouble's Cooking 
Rylie awards a $100 dollar prize for the 1,000th malt bought but the Kid and Stacy quarel over it because the malt was ordered by Stacy, and paid for by the Kid.
  • Flames of paradise - Kid, Stacy 
  • You keep me hanging on - Renee 
  • Don't dream it's over - Kid, Stacy 
  • Two sides to every story - Kid, Stacy
  • Love will save the day - Everyone 
Episode 6: The Boy Who Cried Gorilla 
Richie's constant exaderations get him in trouble when he spots a Gorilla in town, and no one believes him.
  • I heard a rumor - Renee, Connie 
  • Would I lie to you - Stacy 
  • In too deep - Kid 
  • Rhythm is gonna get you - Kid, Renee
  • Twistin the night away - Ryan 
Episode 7: You've Got the Wrong Date 
Stacy is too shy to ask a boy to the dance, but gets Renee to do it for her.  Unfortunately for both, Stacy's date thinks it is Renee who wants the date, not Stacy.
  • Cross my broken heart - Renee, Stacy, Connie 
  • In that dream - Ryan, Kid 
  • Time after time - Stacy 
  • I want to dance with somebody - Stacy 
  • Right on track - Renee, Stacy 
Episode 8: Russian 101 
Ryan falls for a ballet dancer from Russia
  • I knew you were waiting for me - Kid, Stacy 
  • Come go with me - Stacy, Connie 
  • I can dream about you - Ryan 
  • America - Ryan 
  • One for the mockingbird - Ryan 
Episode 9: When Movies Were Movies 
The kids get the afternoon off and can't decide what movie to go see.
  • Come as you are - Ryan 
  • I'm still standing - Renee, Stacy, Connie 
  • Forever - Ryan 
  • When movies where movies - Everyone 
  • The finer things - Ryan, Kid, Renee 
Episode 10: Now Appearing 
A popular comedian comes to town and the group can't understand why the Kid refuses to go until they find out that the comedian is actually the Kid's older brother who left years ago.
  • Open your heart - Kid 
  • Back in my arms again - Renee, Stacy 
  • True colours - Kid 
  • Life is a combat sport - Kid, Stacy 
  • Never say never - Kid, Stacy 
Episode 11: Win a Date with Renee 
Richie decides the band should have posters and auctions Renee off as a date to raise money for them - without asking Renee first.
  • Who's that girl - Connie 
  • One fine day - Renee 
  • If I say yes - Renee 
  • I'm only human - Richie 
  • Only in my dreams - Stacy 
Episode 12: Connie in Wonderland 
Connie goes on a fitness and health tear, unfortuneatly no one wants to join her.
  • Where's the party - Kid 
  • I'll tumble 4 ya - Connie 
  • Twinkle, twinkle - Connie 
  • Dominos - Kid, Renee, Ryan, Stacy, Connie 
  • Never enough - Connie 
Episode 13: What's In A Name 
Rylie invents a new ice cream flavor and the kids are givin the task of choosing a name.  In the process the gang end up finding what the Kid's real name is.
  • The Kid's American - Renee, Richie, Connie, Stacy 
  • Walk like an Egyptian - Connie, Stacy, Renee 
  • What's it to you - Kid 
  • Sweet freedom - Everyone 
  • Something So Strong - Kid