1984 Episode Guide_____


Episode 1:  Leader of the Pack
When Mickey has a power trip and the rest of the band quits, Kids Inc wonders if they should hook up with the new rich kid.
  • Jump - Mickey, Gloria, Renee, Stacy
  • Heart of Rock n' Roll - guest
  • Beat It - Kid
  • Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) - Mickey
  • There's No Stopping Us - Gloria, Mickey
Episode 2: The Painter
Kids Inc. finds a painter vandalizing their neighborhood.
  • Dynamite - Everyone 
  • The Warrior - Gloria 
  • I Can Dream About You - Mickey 
  • Jump (for my love) - Stacy, Renee, Gloria 
Episode 3: The Angels
Gloria tries to get into an exclusive club.
  • Cover Me - Mickey
  • You Might Think - Mickey
  • Drive - Gloria 
  • I'm So Excited - Stacy, Renee, Gloria
Episode 4: The Bully
Kid makes fun of a bully and then they either have to hide or fight.
  • Sunglasses At Night - Mickey 
  • We're Not Gonna Take It - guest 
  • Holding Out For A Hero - Kid 
  • Let's Hear It For The Boy - Stacy, Renee 
Episode 5: The Joker
A practical joker comes to the P*lace and wants to be friends with Kids Inc.
  • Cruel Summer - Gloria 
  • Baby, I'm A Star - guest 
  • Easy To Be Hard - Gloria 
  • Right By Your Side - Gloria 
  • Bop `til You Drop - Mickey, Gloria
Episode 6: The Basket Case
Renee trades places with a run away princess and learns that it's not the life she'd thought it was.
  • ABC - Renee, Stacy, Kid
  • The Glamorous Life - Gloria 
  • The Lucky One - guest 
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Renee, guest 
  • All Night Long - Kid 
Episode 7: The Ghost of the P*lace
Stacy becomes friends with a ghost and helps him get into the ghost society
  • Don't Fight It - Renee, Mickey 
  • Go Insane (He's A Lot Like You) - Gloria 
  • When You're All Alone - Stacy, Ghost (Riley) 
  • Ghostbusters - Kid 
  • Let's Go Crazy - Gloria 
Episode 8: New Image
Mickey tries a new image for Kids Inc
  • Who Wears These Shoes - Mickey 
  • Lucky Star - Kid, Mickey
  • Heavy Metal Madness - Everyone
  • Top Of The Charts - Mickey, Gloria
  • Missing You - Mickey 
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Mickey, Gloria 
Episode 9: Go For the Gold
Kids Inc.'s amp blows up and Stacy tries to win money through a Gymnastics contest to buy a new one.
  • Physical - Renee, Kid 
  • Cool Places (Cool Now) - Mickey, Gloria 
  • I'll Tumble 4 Ya - Gloria 
  • Go For It - Stacy 
  • Maniac - Kid  
Episode 10: Robot Bop
A robot is sent to take Riley's place but explodes when Kids Inc. overload it.
  • The War Song - Renee, Kid, Stacy, Gloria 
  • Dancing In The Dark - Gloria 
  • Freakazoid - Robot 
  • Human Touch - Mickey 
  • Mr. Roboto - Gloria, Mickey 
Episode 11: Space Case
An alien comes to study Earth for a school project and decides to take Renee back as his specimen.
  • Old Time Rock n' Roll - Stacy, Renee, Kid 
  • I Just Called To Say I Love You - Gloria 
  • You Just Keep Me Hangin' On (Set Me Free) - Renee, Kid, Stacy
  • Never Can Say Good-Bye - Renee 
  • Footloose - Mickey 
Episode 12: The Leprechaun
A leprechaun ends up at the P*lace and wants the Kid and Stacy to teach him how to be a rock and roll star.
  • I Want You Back - Kid, Mickey 
  • Say It Isn't So - Mickey 
  • Stuck On You - Leprechaun 
  • Fame - Stacy, Kid, Leprechaun 
  • Last Dance - Stacy, Leprechaun 
Episode 13: X Marks the Spot
Gloria, Mickey, the Kid and Stacy secretly plan a treasure hunt for Renee's birthday, meanwhile she continues
  • Love Somebody - Mickey 
  • Time After Time - Renee 
  • Treasure Hunt - Mickey, Kid, Stacy, Gloria 
  • Celebration - Mickey 
Episode 14: Funny Money
Kid finds a briefcase full of counterfeit money so he returns it to the owner and then is wanted by the police.
  • I Don't Want To Know - Mickey 
  • Fun, Fun, Fun - Gloria 
  • Some Guys - Mickey, Kid 
  • Trouble - Kid 
  • Vacation - Gloria 
Episode 15: School's For Fools
Exams are coming up and the Kid refuses to study or take his classes seriously and spends his time planning on being a huge star like David Hasselhoff.
  • Teacher, Teacher - Mickey 
  • You're Out Of Touch - Gloria 
  • Break My Stride (Nothing going to slow me down) - Kid 
  • Do You Love Me - David Hasselhoff and Kids Inc. 
  • We Got The Beat - Stacy, Renee 
Episode 16: No Jockos
Kids Inc. have a carnival and their clown breaks his leg so they all fill in for him
  • On The Dark side - Mickey 
  • Magic - Mickey
  • A Million Miles Away - Renee 
  • Be A Clown - Gloria
  • Dancing In The Street - Gloria 
Episode 17: Superbike
Renee proves that old is better by fixing up an old bike that had been thrown away and gives it to Riley.
  • Freedom - Gloria, Mickey 
  • Cool It Now - Kid (rap by Mario Lopez)
  • It's A Miracle - Renee 
  • The Kid's American - Everyone
  • Shake It Up - Mickey 
Episode 18: She's So Shy
Kids Inc. find out their dancer Wendy has a great voice so they devise a plan to get her to sing on stage with them.
  • Shake Your Body (Down to the ground) - Kid 
  • It Ain't Enough - Wendy 
  • She's So Shy - Kid, Stacy, Renee 
  • Dim All The Lights - Everyone and Wendy 
  • Neutron Dance - Mickey, the Kid
Episode 19: The Camp-Out Blues
Mickey, Gloria, Renee and Stacy try to get Kid to face his fears and go camping with the boy scouts.
  • Hello Again - Mickey
  • Our Lips Are Sealed - Gloria 
  • I'm Not Frightened - Kid 
  • I'm Still Standing - Kid 
  • Freeze Frame - Mickey 
Episode 20: Historical P*lace
Kids Inc. have The P*lace declared an historical building so it won't be torn down.
  • Goody Two Shoes - Mickey, Gloria 
  • You Make My Dreams Come True - Gloria, Mickey 
  • We Belong - Renee 
  • Good Old Days - Everyone
  • The Belle Of St. Mark - Gloria 
Episode 21: Dance Palace
Kids Inc. hold their first annual dance contest
  • Heat Wave - Gloria 
  • Billy Jean - Mickey, Kid 
  • Far From Over - Mickey 
Episode 22: Her or Me
Renee and Stacy force the rest of the group to choose between them because of sibling rivalry.
  • I Do (Do I Love You) - Mickey 
  • You Should Hear How She Talks About You - Mickey
  • Just Once - Renee, Stacy 
  • Living In Desperate Times - Gloria 
  • You Can't Hurry Love - Stacy, Renee, Kid, Gloria 
Episode 23: NASA Space Week
It's Space Week at The P*lace and all the kids are writing to NASA wanting to be the first kid in space except Gloria who's too scared.
  • Twist Of Fate - Gloria 
  • Holiday - Renee, Stacy, Gloria 
  • Human Nature - Gloria
  • Wanna' Be Starting Something - Renee, Kid 
  • Stand Up - Mickey
Episode 24: Basketball Blues
Renee trys to prove to the boys that girls can play basketball better than boys and gets some unintended help from the boys star player, a girl named Ronnie.
  • I've Done Everything For You - Mickey 
  • Head Over Heels - Gloria 
  • I Can Do It - Renee
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Stacy 
  • Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic - Gloria 
Episode 25: Siedah Garrett
Mickey and The Kid find out that their favorite singer, Siedah Garret, is coming to The P*lace to film a video.
  • Why Me - Gloria 
  • Don't Talk To Strangers - Mickey 
  • Do You Want It Right Now - Siedah Garret
  • Must Be Some Misunderstanding - Kid, Mickey 
  • Rock This Town - Mickey 
Episode 26: Civic Day Parade
Kids Inc. want to make a float for the Civic Day Parade but they each want to do a tribute to something different.  Renee proves that they have to work together in order to make the float spectacular.
  • Tears Of A Clown - Gloria 
  • You're The One That I Want - Gloria, Mickey 
  • We Can Make It Together - Renee 
  • Hindsight 20/20 - Mickey 
  • Living In The U.S.A. - Stacy